It’s amazing to see the shift that has taken place in the agricultural landscape in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole. The transition from large-scale commercial farming to small-scale farming has been a game-changer, with small-scale farmers emerging as a force to be reckoned with in the sector.

Gone are the days when agriculture was solely dominated by big commercial farmers with access to vast tracts of land and modern machinery. Today, small-scale farmers are playing an increasingly important role in ensuring food security and economic development in the country. Faced with an environment which continues to churn out challenges that require a concerted and collective effort in order to overcome them. Small scale farmers have certainly lived up to the pressures imposed upon them by nature to continuously get better and better.

The shift to small-scale farming has brought about a more sustainable and inclusive approach to agriculture, with farmers adopting new technologies and sustainable farming practices that promote soil health and reduce the impact of farming on the environment.

It’s encouraging to see that small-scale farmers are not only producing food for local consumption but also for export, contributing significantly to the country’s economy. With the support of the government and development partners, small-scale farmers have been able to access training, finance, and market information that has helped them to increase productivity and profitability.

AT vaMudhumeni we are excited to be witnessing this transformation in the sector and I am confident that small-scale farming will continue to grow and thrive in the years to come.

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