The Importance Of a Vegetable Calender

In the previous article we talked about the importance of a cropping calendar. Now let’s look at the vegetable calendar and see which vegetables to grow. The image below is to give you an insight on the best suitable time to plant these vegetables but the design on how to draft an appropriate calendar for your farm will always depend on you. This also means putting into consideration other factors that might affect it like labour availability, rain fed or irrigation, open field or green house, and the market as well. For example, looking at this image it can tell you that you can grow cabbages or tomatoes all year round but do you want to? Do you have the resources to do that? Did you do your research and what did it tell you? As you answer these questions you will begin to see how vital it is to draft your own vegetable calendar and not just download one from the internet.

The Calendar

As you prepare your own personal vegetable planting calender consider how many days each plant takes ot mature and plan accordingly. Understand the ideal time of year it must be plantedand how long ti takes to harvest. As such see to it that the time period is allocated to each stage- planting, growing, harvesting and resting period.

By Lynette Simango

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