Thanking Farmers Everywhere For Their Contributions To Christmas Holidays Celebrations

By Albert Makendenge

With the most anticipated and most wonderful time of the year just around the corner, there simply just is this widespread feeling of happiness and excitement as people all over the globe are starting to ease into the preparations for the end of the year holiday season celebrations. And in as far as these preparations go, there is certainly no overlooking the role that agriculture plays during Christmas time.

One cannot think of Christmas without thinking about the food. As families and friends from different parts of the country gather around for this special bonding time, they can only really get to have a good time with a good blend of music and of course, a good fill of the tummy. Not just the food but also getting to dress in new and recent pieces of fashion trending at the time. And when it comes to food and clothing, there is no doubt that agriculture plays a big role in making these possible. The meat, the fruits, the vegetables that people feast on comes from agriculture. The fabric that is used to make amazing and beautiful clothes comes from agriculture. Not to speak of the Christmas trees themselves, which for some people make Christmas that even more special with their beautiful and colorful lights and decorations. In other words, without agriculture, Christmas would be dull and bleak.

So therefore it is safe to say that people owe a big part of Christmas celebrations to agriculture. And as we need to show enough appreciation and gratitude to farmers all across the country for not only the food that brings together friends and family, but for the gifts we exchange and the traditions we are able to carry on. Happy Holidays!  From the vaMudhumeni family.

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