By Albert Makendenge

As the country’s top regulator of agricultural production, processing and marketing is going through a rebranding exercise to renew and reenergizes its mandate to create more linkages and structured markets in the industry, it is high time all stakeholders came together to rebrand not just the face, but the whole body of Zimbabwean agriculture.

From input supply, agricultural finance, agricultural research, agricultural education and extension through to agricultural legislation and regulation, agricultural marketing, agricultural processing and marketing (the components that make up the comprehensive agricultural policy framework), most farmers can come to the agreement that there are some changes and adjustments to be made here and there. For instance sorting out transparency issues around input distribution. Answering questions around whether or not certain institutions should monopolize the buying and selling of some agricultural regulations and identifying those laws that impede rather than spearhead agricultural production and productivity. Changes that bring about an inclusive social, economic and institutional environment in which the performance of each and every player is enhanced. An environment that provides a level playing and does not unnecessarily provides an unfair advantage to the old, established and experienced entities. This is absolutely necessary if the country is to contribute effectively to the ongoing transformation of agriculture in Zimbabwe in support of the attainment of Vision 2030 (which seeks to fundamentally transform the country’s economy into a vibrant society and a thriving upper middle-income economy capable of creating opportunities for investors and employment.

All players and farmers, big and small, upcoming and established from the wide expanse of the country have got to come together for a commonly shared vision to take forward the destiny of our nation. Only when everyone is fully liberated to perform to maximum and fully express themselves, can we begin to hope and dream of reliving the good old glory days of Zimbabwean Agriculture. 

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