Pricing Goods Profitably.

By Saintly Ngwenya

Have you ever imagined getting into a supermarket and realise that there are no price tags to all the products on the shelf. Upon consulting a shop attendant you are informed that you will know the price at the till point. Most customers will eventually walk away without bothering asking the price for the fear of embarrassment upon realising the price is beyond their reach.

This is a similar case faced by many potential buyers of agricultural products from farmers who invite buyers to their inboxes for prices. A lot farmers while advertising their products on social media platforms are not putting prices to their products but instead invite buyers to come to inbox for prices. A lot of farmers thereby end up losing many potential buyers from this behaviour.

The price of a commodity is the most important factor in luring consumers to buying the product. However, most farmers are missing much revenue through poor pricing. The price of the product is the amount which consumers are willing to pay for a product. When setting a price, the farmer should set a price that is attractive but also be able to retain an acceptable profit.

Farmers can use different methods to determine the price of their products. They can determine prices from competitor’s prices; the actual cost of materials and production; market fluctuations and basic supply and demand of the product. The price for any product should cover costs and anticipated profits. When farmers need to offer comparatively lower prices, they should endeavour to lower their costs of production. Most importantly farmers need regularly review their prices so that they are reflective of all dynamics of costs, demand, competition and their profit objectives.

After determining the price for the product, a farmer should have a strategy to ensure that the price assures sales for the product. In cases where the farmer does not want to display the price of their product on social media platforms, they can employ several methods without necessarily losing out on potential buyers. Here are some of the methods they can use:

  • Portray the price of the product as comparatively lower than other prices being offered by competitors. One can compare the price of their product to some established markets. For example a farmer selling tomatoes can market the product as “At Mbare Musika, tomatoes are going for $1/kg, we are offering them at a better price, please inbox to place an order.”
  • Compare current prices to other older prices of the same product. For example, a farmer selling onions can market the product like: “The price for onions were $2/kg last month, we are now selling them at better price, inbox for our current prices to place an order.”

There are several ways in which farmers can market their goods, however the price of the product is the most important factor in realising profits. Therefore farmers need to understand how to price their goods and be able to stay in business.  

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