maggot farming

by Lynette Simango


In the middle of a crisis, that’s where great business opportunities lie and in it will only take a good agriprenuer to realise that there is a ‘feed’ crisis in Zimbabwe. Over the years, the cost of feed has been on the rise due to the importation of the most important protein source in feed- Soya. Who could have thought farmers were going to turn to maggots as an altenative protein source. As disgusting as the name might sound, maggot farming has actually made a breakthrough on the most difficult case of controlling waste and climate-changing emissions. This is because maggots feed from waste products and are later harvested, dried, crushed and then fed to poultry thus recycling most waste into feed.  Interested? Here are some few heads up👇

👉The business is easy to manage and all it takes is for a farmer to create a conducive environment for flies to breed

👉Black soldier fly has been known to be the most effective and efficient fly when it comes to this farming business

👉One benefit that most farmers won’t resist is the high protein content in maggots as compared to that in soya-based feed.

Having said that, the only thing stopping most farmers from getting started is the lack of technical know-how on this aspect. We know farmers are now eager to learn more on maggot farming and it will be unfair if we leave them hanging. Is what has been discussed so far convincing enough for you to want to start? If yes, tag at least 2 friends and let’s see who is up for a virtual lesson with #vaMudhumeni. If not and you still need more explanation, just raise your hand and we will be at your service.

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  1. Good day, I have extensively researched on Black Soldier Fly (BSF)Maggot production. May you help me with the following questions:
    Can you supply me the eggs of the BSF? If so, at what cost?
    Can the normal Green Fly Maggots be used as chicken feed safely if I use Goat droppings as feed?

    For direct clarity I am reachable on 0774300049. Its Mr Linda.

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