How to Identify a Good Goat Breed

By Lynette Simango

This is what farmers should look forĀ  when selecting a breed


  • 2 well developed balls
  • No wound/ scars on scrotum
  • Testicles should easily be seen from the back
  • Strong limbs with no deformaties
  • Wide chest
  • Straight body (topline)
  • Strong muscular head and neck
  • Heavy muscles over the loins, four quarters
  • Aggressive
  • Libido (intrest of mounting)


  • Mature does should be 6months+
  • Good size udder
  • Mating starts at 16 months (depending on breed of course)
  • Tits should be facing forward and they shouldn’t be sensetive
  • Good strong hindlegs
  • No sign of lameness


A young animal should be selected based on the performance of the parent. Thus said there is need to use identity number and also the ability of the mother to keep (raise) the kid. Milk production, behavior and medical record of the kid are also important factors worth considering. The kid should also be a survivor from a group of other kids.

Source– Zvikomborero farms handbook

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