How to apply rabbit urine as fertilizer

Dear farmers when you are faced with a challenge, always try to get creative and look for ways to work around the problem. Let’s take a look at what happened last year when the prices of fertilizer went up and most of you guys couldn’t even afford 1 bag of AN. Did you go to bed and sulk, and let your crops die or did you find alternative ways to save your crops? One farmer asked if there was a way to use rabbit urine as fertilizer. He didn’t have the money to buy enough Ammonium Nitrate for his crops but that didn’t deter him. He looked around his farm and asked himself- of the resources that I have what can I use? That’s when he extended the question to VaMudhumeni, the reason you are reading this response.

Studies conducted showed that urine collected from rabbits had higher nitrogen content as compared to urine from other animals- a more reason to keep rabbits at your farm. So here is how you do it- Since rabbit urine is highly concentrated, you need to dilute it with water first before applying to your crops. This is to avoid scorching your crops. It is recommended you dilute it at a ratio of 1:5, rabbit urine and water respectively. Method of application can be foliar or fertigation. Rabbit urine can also be used as a pesticide (JUSTAGRIC).

By Lynette Simango

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