By Ruvimbo Jeche


Ever wondered what this vaMudhumeni hashtag means and why we bring it up so often? We wholeheartedly believe that the solution to most of your health ailments is either already in your garden or you could potentially grow it.

One life lesson I’ve ever learned growing up with an African mother is that the solutions to our life’s problems are always around us. vaMudhumeni is always preaching that good health starts with, good nutrition and it is most certainly within reach. You may be thinking, that this sounds great, “but how am I going to afford this?” Well, we are here to tell you not to worry anymore because the solutions are all around you and very much within reach.

Nature has the solutions and we have hands to reach out to the solutions and the land that responds accordingly. Cultivate the land with the food you need. It is so easy to grow the vegetables and fruits you need to enjoy. vaMudhumeni is always here with step-by-step guides on how to grow fruits and vegetables. We share these things via our social media channels and blog. As my mum always told my big sister “mukadzi akarongeka haatenge zvese zvese pamusika, temha tsunga, hanyanisi mu Bindu rako?” This is so true, work the land till it produces what you desire. You can plant in the backyard a bed of rape, onions, etc, or even plant in vases fruits like strawberries, balconies, and window sills can be a perfect spot for your herbs.

Simply put, your garden is your everything. In your garden, you can have your lifetime health solutions and it is the perfect companion for every kitchen and importantly a “farm-acy” that is affordable by all.

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