Frost Danger

By Lynette Simango

As winter approaches, you rush to secure sure warm clothes and blankets because you don’t want to get cold, right? Most of you are scared of frostbites which can put any farming operations to a halt. The crops are also sensitive to frost. Likewise, there is a need to look for ways to prevent frost damage on crops. Here are less costly methods you can consider👇

  • Site selection – you know they are some spots that are usually prune to frost damage, no matter the temptation, you should always avoid these.
  • Plant selection– On this one it is important to choose plants that bloom late to reduce the probability of damage due to freezing, and to select plants that are more tolerant of freezing.
  • Avoiding soil cultivation- Soil cultivation creates air spaces in the soil which makes the crops more vulnerable to frost and it should be avoided during frost-prone periods.
  • Irrigation– When soils are dry, there are more air spaces, which inhibit heat transfer and storage. It is important that you irrigate your field frequently especially in winter as frost protection is improved by wetting dry soils.
  • Soil covers– Plastic covers are often used to warm the soil and increase protection. Clear plastic warms the soil more than black plastic, and wetting the soil before applying the plastic further improves effectiveness.

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