Fingerling selection

Now, let us get down to the main points important in Catfish production

Fingerling Selection

The African catfish is notable for its favourable characteristics that include

  • High tolerance of a wide range of environmental conditions
  • High stocking densities under culture conditions
  • Fast growth rate
  • Acceptability of artificial feed
  • Higher rate of offspring production

Please note that these characteristics also depend on the where you got the breeding stock. For those that prefer starting production chain from fingerlings;

  1. Please select breeders with a good reputation and recommendations. Some breeders are scam so it is very important and advisable to get fingerlings from reputable breeders.
  2. Beware of and be able to identify runts; they are whitish in colour and their bodies are not proportional to their heads, do not buy, we repeat, DO NOT BUY THOSE!

Remember, the quality of your stock will have a significant impact on their growth and subsequently on your profits.

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