Do it right this farming season

By Saintly Ngwenya

There is always a feeling which grips farmers every time a new season starts. There is this kind of euphoria that hits every farmer to surpass previous’ season targets and yields. It is the desire of every farmer to be the best of their own selves in each and every season. There are several ways that farmers can outperform themselves not only in terms of yield but also in managing their enterprises. Here are some of the most important things to consider doing right this season.

The first step is to bring out all records from the previous season and check if everything was done in the right way. Comparing records with other farmers on certain aspects especially those who performed better is very important. If these records are missing or haven’t been kept all along, this is the first step one has to correct. Record keeping is very vital in any business enterprise, farming included.

Have a proper planting schedule. This helps in planning events and resources at the farm. The cropping calendar has to be designed and adhered to. Activities such as ploughing, sowing, weeding, pest control and harvesting have to be planned even before the beginning of the season. This helps in easing unforeseen challenges in the future.

Crops to be planted have to be based on market trends and profitability. Farmers are always urged to consider whether they are going to make profits from the enterprises they embark on. Laws of supply and demand have to be understood and be guiding factors in enterprise selection. Crops which yield less or those with difficulties in disposing them have to be given less priority.

This season everything has to be perfect and simple. Success stories should be written at the end of the season. This season farmers should make meaningful profits and grow their businesses. This season every farmer should feel motivated to perform like they have never done before. A lot of people should be inspired to venture into farming.

This season let it not be just a feeling but it has to be a reality. We have to do it right this season.

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