By Albert Makendenge

In the course of running and managing a farm, especially one that is meant for business (one that is meant to generate income), there will have to be additions and modifications to equipment and structures that are integral to the smooth functioning of the farm.

Whilst the decision on which developments to make is a function of factors that are both for and against that particular development, the choice is made easier when the prioritization criteria is mostly based on performance and productivity. Equipment that is going to have the most impact on production should be considered first. Structures that are going to improve the performance of the farm should be top of the development plan. The scarcity of resources, which generally is the case, calls for well informed and well calculated investment decisions. Such quality decisions can only come from sound planning and management. There has got to be a development plan put in place. A development plan that clearly sets out the various phases and stages of development that the farm is going to go through as time goes on. Failing to come up with a reliable plan might lead to misplaced, mistimed and unnecessary investments which might cost the farm both over short and long term periods.

If any farm is to stand the chance to compete in a highly competitive environment, a lot of focus should be on looking to get better and better every day. Farm development should, therefore, become an essential component of farm management

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