By Albert Makendenge

It cannot always be warm, it cannot always be sunny. Imagine a situation where we would it would be summer all year. Us sweating all year, the animals thirsty and the plants craving for moisture. Certainly undesirable. A bit of shivering after all the hot days I what is needed. Just that when it comes to farmers, the shivers will be even greater over fears that their plants and animals might suffer from a drop in temperatures.

Waking up to the sight of dark brown or black leaves or shivering animals from the effects of frost most definitely is not a pretty sight and might leave them down on their knees. Much like a person’s reputation which takes years to build only to be lost in the twinkling of an eye, a month’s work or even more could all be lost in a matter of hours of a drastic drop in temperatures. This is exactly why these times demand a greater deal of responsibility on the part of the farmer in the implementation of measures to ensure that there are not any significant losses. Adding to this an intimate understanding one’s environment in terms when frost is likely to hit hard will place the farmer in an even better position to be able to find ways around the drops in temperature. It is all down to a farmer’s choice to stay vigilant and strong in the face of freezing temperatures or to just simply run for cover. Not to downgrade those who chose their battles wisely, but most successful farmers would chose the former every other time

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