Beware of Tobacco Thieves

Most of us have heard the story of how once, a group of tobacco farmers whilst on their way into the Harare CBD on foot, were approached by “police officers” who charged them for “crossing a red robot.” The “police officers” ordered the farmers to surrender their monies, phones and Ids and wait by the robot while the officers went back to their base to collect the vehicle that would take them to court. The “officers” never came back….

The tobacco auction floors opened this past week and farmers are abuzz with the prospect of collecting thousands in dollar bills if their crop fetches a good price on the floor. But you know who else is excited, “officers” or more accurately, thieves! If you have ever worked in or seen people work in tobacco fields you will know it’s not child’s play! It’s back-breaking work right from the seedbed preparation to packaging the golden leaf. As such, we are advising farmers to exercise extreme caution on the road to and on the auction floors. Most of these thieves are quite clever and smart and can outwit the cleverest of clever. However, try by all means to safeguard your wallets, your cell phones and bank cards lest all you have worked for ends up to be in vain.

Varimi weee do not be lured with the promise of “better auction floors” elsewhere that Jonah you just met supposedly knows, or listen to Sibusiso who claims to “know one of the auctioneers” inside the floors. Male farmers, sisi Vicky with the flirty eyes and sweet smile doesn’t love you either, she loves your tobacco money! Beware! Keep to yourself and mind your own or else the fruits of your work will be enjoyed by those that didn’t work for them.

Happy tobacco selling season! 😄

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