Animal cruelty or ignorance?

Lynette Simango

One day I walked past a certain household on my way to musika. I wouldn’t have seen the presence of road runners had it not for the cock that crowed in a way I later thought was to draw my attentionšŸ„ŗ. It took me a while to actually figure out where exactly these road runners were in a fowl run that was right in front of me. The fowl run had 2 cages, the upper and the lower, but the lower cage was just like that place reserved for droppings, with height probably less than half a metre. That’s where these road runners were. I had to bend my back a little to get a clear view.

Ā It just didn’t sit well with me. The fowlrun was violating the following simple housing requirements for road runners.

  1. There was not enough lighting
  2. No proper ventilation
  3. No adequate space for movement and exercise.

Most people who breed road runners do them under free-range because they need space but I guess some form of animal cruelty is just ignorance and this is the reasonĀ  #vaMudhumeni is here to keep you informed.

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