Agrimix Farming Solutions Africa, founder Mr. Lovemore Nyakazela, an everyday inspiration to many

Mr Lovemore Nyakazela out in the field, where you will find him on most days

Mr. LovemoreNyakazela was often referred to as “Mr. Chatumbuka”, as a young man. A nickname that likened him to a Former Minister of Agriculture from his native homeland of Zimbabwe. Those who knew him were often astounded at his expansive agricultural knowhow at a very young age. These days he is an entrepreneur and director of a thriving farming consulting organization based in Harare, Zimbabwe. 

His organization is called Agrimix Farming Solutions Africa and he offers consultant agronomist services that mainly focus on tuber crops which include Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes and cassava. He also offers consultation on other commonly grown crops.

Mr. Nyakazela is a big advocate for food safety not only in his home country of Zimabwe, but all across sub-Sahara Africa. He often travels out of the country for speaking engagements and workshops in neighboring countries and is always happy to share his agricultural know-how. This year alone he has traveled to Botswana , Zambia and Malawi to speak on various agricultural initiative’s that positively influence the everyday lives of regular everyday people. Mr Nyakazela passion for agriculture saw him go from humble beginnings as a general farm hand in 1999 at a commercial farm in Banket, to becoming the director of his own organization today.

Mr. Nyakazela in Lilongwe , Malawi on January 11th , 2017 Irish potatoes growing training

Mr. Nyakazela realized early on that he needed to augment his natural affinity for agriculture by getting an education and certifications to make himself more marketable. He therefore enrolled in a distance learning program, in 2001, from which he attained a certification in agriculture . When he completed that certification, he was lucky enough to get a scholarship from a NGO in 2003 that helped him pay for further education and he we went on to get a Diploma in Agriculture and Management Training at a local College. Between 2007-2011 he worked his way up to Farm manager at a
commercial farm.

After leaving the commercial farm in 2011 he worked for a local Zimbabwe seed company based in Harare, as a Field Agronomist and Farmer Trainer, where he promoted the organizations products and services. He left that organization in December 2016 and officially became his own boss. In January 2017, Agrimix Farming Solution Africa was officially launched. Since then his organization has done some consulting work locally as well as in neighboring countries including Botswana, Zambia, and Malawi. His organization has hosted Agriculture Consultancy Training courses in Bulawayo and Harare for Agricultural College graduates wishing to enter the Agronomist Consultancy industry. 

Business has been growing by the day, they currently have over 34 farmers whom they advise on both crop production and livestock rearing, and expect it to add more to the roster by year end. We asked Mr. Nyakazela what his vision for the future looks like and he had the following to say,’Our colleges and universities, are sending out new graduates into the market every year and there are currently limited employment opportunities in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole. I will be focusing on motivational short training courses to encourage youth to venture in to farming, beginning at a small-scale level up to a commercial level. I also look forward to seeing Agrimix Farming Solutions Africa, be in most SADC countries by so doing, creating employment for all citizens.”

Land use planning training in Kitwe , Copper Belt in Zambia , February 25 , 2017

If you are interested in learning more about Agrimix Farming Solutions Africa or contracting their services, they have offices at Athelon Shopping Center IEG Building , office number 4 , Greendale , in Harare

Fill free to visit or call them at:
+263 8644218708  
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You can also visit their website at  
Online training at

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