Full Name   Company/Farm/PlotContact detailCityAddressLat, LongLongProducts and services  
Alln ZiyangaALLERIAYN farm+263718815197; +263775768522MaronderaPlot 5 subivision of Lester farm-18.193365, 31.536340Potatoes; Onions; Covo; Sugar beans; Maize; Green mealies; Garlic
Charles ChaibvaPlot 120 fresh produce+263773002404HarareTynwald-17.807431, 30.945848Onions; cabbages; Rape; Tomatoes; Lettuce; pepper;
S. PesanaiPBC Fresh produce+263772297586Harare2083 Tynwald South; Mt Hampden-17.807431, 30.945848Rape; Tsunga; Cabbages
Llyod Kandiado+263904485; +263776377627Bindura-17.305246, 31.325687covo; Rape; Tomatotes
Matutu FarmHarare54 Dunmore Ave, Queensdale; Nyakudya Domboshava-17.853971, 31.084760covo; Rape
WatPro Pvt Limited+263733090709Harare106 Shepperton Hse; Budiriro-17.817895, 31.054787Drip lines; connectors; hpde pipes an fittings
Magobola Farm+263776588688chivhuWhilshere Headquarters-19.015682, 30.899766Paw paws; Tomatoes; cabbages; Fruits trees
Mrs Musakasa+263772727536BulawayoBurnside-20.218925, 28.614552Spinach; covo; Tsunga
Riverside Farm and Ranch+263719869734; +263773579871Chishawasha Valley-17.796024, 31.225965Sweet potato; Cabbages; Onions

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