By Wencelous Nyamufukudza

Commercial farming in which tomato production is a subset is another profitable venture which can change a farmer’s income positively. With that in mind, we have a list below of diseases and pests, as well as pesticides farmers should keep on hand in order to protect their crops. We also have a list of top dressing for your plants(fertilizers) as well as a list of pre-planting chemicals to apply.

Crop Chemical Recommendations

use Karate (Lambda) Chlorpyrifos, Fenveralate.
Bollwormsuse Karate, Fenveralate, Dichlorvos (Synthetic pyrethroid or Gukurahundi).
Whiteflies use Chess, Actara, Confidor (Imidachloprid), Sunlight liquid soap.
Leafminer (Lyriomyza) use Trigard (Cyromazine), dimethoate(Rogor), Malathion 50EC.
Tuta absoluta use Ampligo, belt, Trigard, Levo, Suntap (Cartap hydrochloride), Steward.
Nematodes use Oxamyl (Nemat), Solvigo, Velum
Other basal fertiliser to be applied sulphate of potash, dolomitic lime

Top dressing Regime for tomatoes:

Gypsum : Gypsum is a good source of both calcium and sulfur, which crops need for good yields

Top dress with Ammonium nitrate 8g per plant (220g per 10m row using fertigation method) at day 7,14,28 after transplanting.
From day 35 top dress with potassium nitrate 8g per plant(220g per 10 m row using fertigation method after every 10 days intervals.
Apply calcium nitrate at fruiting stage as a foliar spray at 1% solution (10g per litre of water or 150g per standard 15 lt knapsack) after every 14 days.
NOTE: Spray calcium nitrate early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid fertiliser burn. Full cover spray (FCS) is required.

Pre planting chemicals

Oxamyl (Nemat) for nematodes,
Thiram for soil borne diseases,
Chlorpyrifos for white grubs & cutworms.
*Chemicals are applied on prophylactic basis. You don’t wait the disease or pest to appear into your crop or you spray before the problem occur
*Rotate your chemicals to minimize the build up of resistance & to provide a better spectrum.

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