Our vaMudhumeni family is growing and we wanted to re-introduce some as well to some introduce some of our new team team members. They are all from different background in agriculture. We are excited to welcome them to the team, and adding more diversity to the content we are able to share with our followers.

VaMudhumeni Fari, who graduated from Solusi University in 2010. Since graduation he has worked with several non profit organizations, that are involved working with farmers in underserved communities across the country. As a founding member of our team he continues to spearhead projects and ideas that are forward moving as we continue to serve our vaMudhumeni community
vaMudhumeni Wenceslous Nyamupfukudza who is currently at Gwebi Agricultural college a sister college of Chibhero Agricultural College which is affiliated with the University of Zimbabwe. He has been with vaMudhumeni for a little over a year now. We asked him to share a little something about himself and he stated”I got influenced upon the intellect and creativity in precision farming and adventurism is my general charisma 👏👏.” He has been one of our main content producers . He will continue to work with the team, to grow our web and media presence, as we continue to grow.
I’m Samantha Salimu and I studied Agricultural Economics and Extension at the University of Zimbabwe. I am passionate about Technology and Innovation, as well as Women Empowerment in Agriculture. She will be working to grow our social media presence as well as being a content producer.
Im Nathan Gomori a 3rd year student at Chibhero College Of Agriculture. I am a young man with a passion for helping the farmers so that will have good produce and raise our nation. He is also one of our new content producers, we are very excited to have him as a team member.
Saintly Ngwenya is my name. I hold a Diploma in Agriculture from Gwebi Agricultural College and a BSc Honors in Agriculture (Crop Science) from University of Zimbabwe.
I have a great passion for farming and assisting farmers. Personally I’ve a 6ha plot in Manicaland which I intend to do a goats and bees production.
Emanuel Zavidze, is also one of our new content producers. He completed his diploma from Gwebi Agricultural College. He is an agronomist by profession. He is passionate about agriculture and soil conservation. He is interested in teaching our followers how to do small projects, utilizing small spaces, with minimal costs and still yielding high returns.